Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Dreadful School Day

Just like my other regular school days, I did prepare for my today's lessons, brought my things and head to STI, my new school.

But, today was quite unusual because while I was writing on the board for some sample Java programs and headed to checking the class attendance, the school dean was quietly seated at the back seat. 

I was really caught off guard that I asked my students to stop writing and we directly proceeded to class discussion. 

I am only too glad that my students warmly joined me in the discussion and responded to my queries. But, the  pop-in observation really stirred my confidence and stamina for the day.

When the dean left, the entire class and I were just all smiling and howling for relief. I know I did well except for that preliminary lapse.  Truly, what a draining day  it is to be put on a microscopic observation. 

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