Saturday, January 9, 2010

Driving to School

I did learn how to drive last year but I never get the chance to  drive regularly. I have been wanting to use the motorbike to the school and to  the store but I am only chicken out to drive. 

The problem with learning how to drive when they are older is that they feel fear more than the young ones. Sigh!

I told my family that perhaps I should learn how to drive the family van than the motorbike since I don't have to balance myself and more. Perhaps, I can enroll to  a formal driving education for better and effective  teaching and get some  efficient  cheap car insurance  to  complement everything.

My sister wanted to learn how to drive too. But, unlike me, she is more scared on the road. She wanted me to teach her but I am not indeed qualified without getting us both hurt.  Perhaps our youngest sibling who is just 16 years can teach her. What an irony!

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