Friday, January 29, 2010

Learning and Continued Learning

Who ever said that learning stops when one graduates from school is definitely wrong.  For us educators, learning is an on-going process unless one opted to be blindsided with the current updates from technology, innovation and latest trends.

As an IT educator, constant skill upgrade and network association are a must. Gone are the old programming paradigms that my yesteryear teachers taught me. Now, the paradigm is visual and object - oriented. But, it pays off to keep upbeat with the latest era.

Being informed applies not only to us educators but also to anyone who does not want to remain in the dark especially if his health is at risk. Educators, and other professionals  do experience some form of moderate to severe pains. These may include joint and back pains, and  other pains from the job and from aging. 

As a computer educator for a decade at least, I spend much time sitting before my computer, class records, IT books and stuffs, and an equal time from standing before my class teaching. The day is always constrained with back and leg cramps, not to mention, eye constraints. But, I love teaching in spite of the physical setbacks. 

 I take ibuprofen and acetaminophen to  ease my migraine, back and knee pains. But, a massage on the ailing parts does help. 

But, there is another pain reliever that is widely known for its effect. This drug known as tramadol has been advised by physicians to those who have chronic or regular pains. It comes in many forms including capsules, tablets , suppositories, effervescent tablets and powders, ampoules of sterile solution among others. 

On a doctor's prescription, tramadol 50 mg can ease the aches just like opiate but with less side effects.  The drug intake may cause nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and dizziness but these are only temporary. However, an overdose dosage of this medicine is quite fatal. Thus, it is never recommended to drug - abuse dependents.

So, for legitimate users, they can buy tramadol from faster and at lower rates since different pharmacies and their rates are compared with one another.

With the consequences of aging, lifestyle and occupation, any expert will say that correct diet and lifestyle,  exercise and regular check-ups can make our living more comfortable. Thus, we should never rely on chances especially if our health is at risk. We owe this to our loved ones  and to ourselves at least.

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