Friday, January 15, 2010

Programming Stress Among Students

I did complain earlier that my students did not do well in their programming subjects. I could only identify few students who are really diligent enough to learn more and to challenge their potentials for greater learnings.

But, majority of the class does not really care except to have a passing mark without much hassle.  My class that has a time break makes my students not come back anymore for their laboratory schedules.  I have to exhaust other means just to make their attendance improved.

The students in eon years in our old school,  Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, NDDC then, were more diligent than the present era. In spite of the programming headaches, deprived sleeps or adult onset acne   somehow, they thrived with pride and honor.

IT programs are indeed difficult but they all worth the trouble when one becomes a good programmer or an IT professional for that matter. 

But, there is no easy way out for a deserved success. I only wish students learn this value.


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