Thursday, January 14, 2010

School Environment

As a teacher, it is imperative that students are in their best condition before they can actually focus on learning.

Thus, whenever one of my students is sick or something, I would rather advice him to rest because even health studies show that mental works like learning can aggravate health conditions when one is sick.

Also, academic researches reveal that students do have different learning styles. Thus, knowing the special environmental condition for the student where he can learn better can contribute to effective education.

Thus, some schools now assess their facilities and rooms that they fill in humidifier filters  to at least make the learning environment conducive for the young ones.   

Even adults don't work in a nasty environment. Think the same analogy for our students. So, if they insist that they can study together with music or TV or while standing up and all, then feel free to give in. At least, the TV and radio must be limited to home setups only.

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