Friday, January 15, 2010

Students, Beware of Government - Unrecognized Schools

What could be more sad than getting robbed by establishments we believe will give better future?  This is indeed a battle cry for many families whose students fall victims of unrecognized programs.  With the mushrooming of schools offering various medical and technical-vocational programs, government agencies like CHED and TESDA hardly monitor them.

A dug article here says that a number of nursing schools remain opened in spite of lack of government recognition.

Students and parents only desire better schools for better future and employment opportunities. But, what if the school fails to uphold government regulation standards.   This can really be heart - breaking not to include the waste of time and resources poured in an enrolled course. 

Thus, it helps that students and parents do check from  CHED or TESDA the schools that offer legitimate programs just like what others do for their health, livelihood or recreation. This may include reviews  for school's or company's or  's legitimacy  among many things.

If only our government agencies can  do better with their monitoring, none of these unrecognized schools can continue to exist. 

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