Sunday, February 14, 2010

Difficult Innocent Students

Dealing with college students is quite tough. Of course, every teacher loves witty and cooperative students and pisses him off if he has troubling students in the classroom. 

For eleven (11) years of teaching, I got my own share of experiences too.  I highly remember intelligent and difficult  students that the average ones are left at the background. 

Reprimand sometimes works but whenever I can, a personal talk with the student helps me understand him better. 

And with that, I get various reasons for the delinquency. These include family problems, unwanted pregnancy, relationships gone wrong, vices, wrong friends, and disinterest on the the course or subject.  The reasons are indeed varying in depth and extent but I sometimes  feel disillusioned as to how I can really help them.   Advices are there that include referring them to the guidance counselor or articles on their issues like safe diet pills for women   and more.

I am no superwoman that can practically do anything to help my students but I only wish that they have the help they need before their lives can be more miserable. 

Sometimes, those who are quite in the classroom pose another issue too. Bonding with them in a personal way makes me know and deal with them better.

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