Monday, February 15, 2010

Educating Filipinos on Automated Election

On May 10, 2010, the entire nation of Philippines shall be having their national election to include presidential election. 

This election shall make a historical landmark since after decades of contest on automated election, finally, it has come to realization.   The question now is, will this election be fraud free. 

So, to speed up votation  and encourage greater turn out, COMELEC is having hands-on national education of how automated machines should be used. 

This election is way overdue  and the initiatives of COMELEC are only commendable but how exactly will they do the education of all cities and provinces especially those at far flung areas. The COMELEC then must do more and act faster.  

Education campaigns must be done also by other election - connected agencies like the LGUs as we campaign for government services to include campaigns of immunizations, prenatal checkups and prenatal vitamins and community works - services and alike.

Election fraud is quite rampant in extreme extents all throughout the country. I only hope that this election will be better and that the Filipinos will vote based on performance, character and platform instead of popularity, money and traditions. 

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