Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Old School Days!

Old school seems a label for traditions and conservatism.  Call me that since I have been in school more than my living years. LOL! 

But, I quite miss the time when fun was still nice and clean and that most of the students really prioritize social and moral norms among other things.  

They were quite active  in terms of sports and did less couch - potato recreations. But, with the technology hype, obesity among things is already associated with the lifestyle people lead nowadays. I am practically guilty of this too.   

For one, I joined mountain climbing before, biking and jogging, but now, I am next to my notebook, either blogging,  or programming. 

And, with the alarming rates of weight - related health problems, people seek means to reduce their weights or at least contain their present state. Some go for plastic surgery while others seek  from  for less painful alternatives. 

There are good and bad sides of the old and new days but the thing is right fusion can be made only if we filter the good ones from both sides. Otherwise, we drag ourselves to less acceptable condition.   

I still love the good old days but  I like the present comfort these  days bring. LOL! 

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