Saturday, February 13, 2010

In-and-Out Teacher

"Once a teacher, always a teacher!"  This is an adage that is practically true for teachers. One of the sweet perks of being a teacher is the fact that once you meet your old student eons ago, they will still remember you.

I don't normally remember all the names of my students of 11 years but I can pretty recall their faces.   The downside of aging and this profession is you get to meet a lot of people of different sorts.  For a newbie teacher, this job can really drain him but for a seasoned teacher, anyone can just be dealt with. LOL!

But, teaching is not just within the classroom. Somehow, we act like a  24 hour towing  who may be with troubled students with a listening heart. 

It quite breaks my heart when I can't do much for them especially if their family breaks up or a loved one has died. 

I only wish that my students will be and will remain good and responsible citizens and that even if they don't remember me, at least, their lives are better. 

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