Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Off-School Days

Since Wednesday last week, I had a long time not teaching since my students from STI had their National Youth Convention, then followed by school's college days.  And the weekend was even longer since Monday was declared a national holiday.

We are now back to regular class time but just recently, I got the local news that this Friday shall be a another holiday.

The students and personnel are only happier since this would mean a long to time rejuvenate.  Further, the locals of General Santos City will have a full - day off to enjoy Kalilangan 2010.

This week shall indeed be packed with guests for a taste of the city's finest including seafoods, tourism, cultures, structures  and a lot lot more. 

Our city is one of the most peaceful in the country although this is usually vagued by wrong media hype. But, the locals are kind and accommodating, with cheap real estates and lowest home insurance quotes  to boost. 

My students may use the long weekend again on reviews for their upcoming pre-final exams on Tuesday until Thursday.

These upcoming holiday and school exam will allow me to be with my old friend in her IT thesis defense. 


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