Thursday, February 4, 2010

Missing the Old School Days

Whenever it is necessary, I relate my current topics to real - life scenarios of students and even to my personal life. In most cases, I recall what I went through during college days and I get to hook my students to quite an interesting listening state. LOL!

I speak to them about teacher - student behavior, relationships, pregnancy, weight loss pills,fashion, technology, vices, heartaches and success. 

It normally ends in a laugh but I am only glad to share that life is really a mix of fun and stuffs but makes living all worth pursuing.

Teachers in their most basic function should teach students not only academics but life's values and living as well. These will equip them with better knowledge and skills once they leave their alma mater.

So, I don't regret wasting a few time teaching hard - core education to youngsters. It is always worth the time and fun together.

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