Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schools Becoming Campaign Targets

From a blogger  - student on Facebook, he invited his fellow students and personnel to see vice - presidentiable bet Edu Manzano in MSU Gensan premises.  

With the May 2010 election, aspiring candidates see schools as their prime targets since the young  ones comprise the 60% voting individuals.

From the current survey, they mainly like administration bet Teodoro Aquino while I prefer no one yet.

I only hope that this upcoming election shall be more honest, clean and that the most competent in character and performance will be elected.

This summer shall be a busy time with holy week and election to deal with. I can only wish to have Miami Beach rentals  and just enjoy the beach view or sunset over tranquil ocean waters.  

The voting students and the general public must be well informed and educated before picking their best bet. We don't want to see our votes wasted by another failed governance.

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