Monday, February 15, 2010

School's Other Pride: Cheer Dance

Cheer dance has been popular in the west and here in the Philippines, a school won't have their school fest without showing off their cheer dance stints. 

When I was in my old school, Pilar College, we joined consecutive inter school competitions, and we usually made it to the top three. 

Even among our school departments, the school has high school and college categories for this competition, and my department who has one of the fewest number of students is usually pinned to rank three (3).  LOL!

But, a spectator of cheer dance is always caught in awe and admiration for the stints and stunts made, for the colorful and sexy costumes, and for bunches of good and slim dancers that one can think if they take  best weight loss supplement  to contain their weights apart from their physical strenuous activities.

In Manila, the cheer dance competition is quite popular that National Collegiate Athletic Association has a special segment for cheer dance. In 2009, University of Perpetual Help System DALTA earned the championship slate. 

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