Saturday, February 13, 2010

Student Discipline

Physical or corporal punishment among students in any form is not legally allowed in the Philippines.  But, this law was only realized lately since I had my own share of physical punishments when we were  in elementary years.

But, even experts are divided in terms of the pros and cons of inflicting physical punishments.  I am fortunate that I only in teach in college where students are old enough to be physically punished. For us teachers, an oral reprimand will do. 

But, sometimes, there simply too arrogant, nasty and impossible students that I wish I can send them off to Mars, twist their ears or ask them for 24 - hour run on  treadmills  until they straighten up. 

I always have happy memories though with my students although there were times when they could also drain me. But, this job has been my passion and I am not into physical punishment too.  Teaching them of values sometimes can do the trick.

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