Monday, February 15, 2010

Student Dropouts Increase Over the Years

Basic and high school educations are basically free in the Philippines but the number of those  who retain and actually complete their schooling only forms 50-60%.   

Studies show that students simply stop going to school mainly due to lack of interest and  poverty. But, this condition is only aggravated because high school graduates mainly don't proceed to pursue college education because of financial constraints. 

And, with pricey college educations, the majority relies on state colleges and universities that do have high cut - off rates and limited slots. Thus, they simply stop schooling and opt to work. Problem is, there are no enough jobs.  Although agencies like CHED, TESDA, DOLE and POEA are there to provide works and scholarships, the opportunities are only for the few. 

This government must address concerns of drop outs and unemployment cases in the country instead of just relying on temporary solutions like food stubs or charities and donations of basic services and commodities including vitamins for men.  

The quality of education especially in lower years has to be carefully reviewed too as our education is compared to other countries including Somalia and Africa. 

Thus, even if Filipinos graduate, their skills are still undermined.  Thus, the problems on education is far bigger than we ever imagine. 

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