Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Absentee Teacher

I chose to be absent today from my laboratory class to attend to my business requirements. So, the students were only happier to know that I won’t be with them. Geez! They just want to play around as much as they can. LOL!

I have to make use of the free time to get ready for next day’s class. This is one of the downsides of teaching, before the day is over, the teacher must be ready for the next day’s teaching sessions.

Even if I have to stay in the store and deal with work while enjoying my fave movie, I have to maximize my time and work on what is important.

My teaching days will soon be over so, I just have to endure a little, then, it will be a long rest for me. Final quarter is always busier for students and teachers, so the papers works shall be tougher in the coming days.

With stress, aging, weight gains, wrinkles and all are said to be consequences of hgh  decrease. Thus, HGH supplements may help bring back the glow of youth.

I may able to hide my age through my wardrobes and skin care, but the symptoms of aging begin to appear and these indeed hit a delicate nerve.  

I hope the stress from my teaching will soon be over.  

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