Friday, March 5, 2010

Final Exam Is Up!

We are on the last stretch of school and the entire school is quite busy for the year - end requirements and activities. My old school  is now preparing for the final exam of their graduating students. 

It shall be a difficult time too as students and parents seek means to settle their outstanding accounts while others are already busy seeking for summer and graduation gifts from best deals and sale   from local and global market.

I wish that students shall finish their present semester and school year with decent grades.  And, since this is the final lap, students shall have no other means to improve their performance except to comply everything and ask for teachers' consideration for missed activities.

I shall however, miss my students as we head for vacation time. Although, I am pretty sure, I shall see them around especially in malls. 

So, until this is over, we are all hooked to works and plenty of works.

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