Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard - Toiled Teaching

I felt so distressed even when I started my day today. Not only that we had to endure our sleep from the garden tent, we had to wake up early because of the early sunrise. Thus, I feel my eyes falling because I only had few hours of sleep as I read my day's lectures, and did my programming works as sample illustrations before the class.

The toil was more difficult since I kept on anticipating the possibility of being observed by my supervisors. Geez! I am getting unwanted facial zits again. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  

Pimples and acnes are typical stuffs on people who are always stressed out among other reasons and teaching/schooling can be highly distressing too.  Sometimes, teachers and students ask one another for possible remedy. They try tablets, ointments,  creams, herbs,  and  acne serum   for more effective results.  

It is fulfilling when I teach especially the fun time with my students while learning but the downsides are really uncalled for. These include short sleeps, paper works, emotional stress from failing  and delinquent students,  admin observations, and the list continues.

But, I can only see myself continue teaching even it means doing this in parttime basis only.  This is really an underpaid career but can be fulfilling if I see it in a different perspective.      

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