Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot Schooling!

Since end of February, the entire Mindanao has a tremendous ordeal of enduring 12-15 hours of rotating brown outs. This really drives every one crazy especially when businesses become more bleak in sales because customers will not endure very warm and damp area for a transaction.

Now, for residents who have to cut their long sleeps because of interrupted power energy, they can only blame El Nino for the energy curtailment.

In our school, we are only fortunate that we have our power generator to sustain the classroom air conditioning.  Although, sometimes, even if it mans the entire building, it can go astray too sustaining all the power needs. 

Clients and employers can only complain  of this crisis and to make the issue more worse, the energy crisis can run until May. Some say, this is simply a strategy to feign any election fraud. I guess, this country  can only see change in the next life. LOL!

I cannot even use my notebook, much more surf the net for school references and resources or job search      especially if my battery is drained or if the Internet Service Provider is also down. 

Funny thing is, I have been staying in my tent for my evening sleeps since my room is too hot to endure amidst evening brownouts. 

Everything is affected by this crisis that business schedules and alike are drastically changed according to the availability of short - time electricity.

Now, that final examinations are coming, students have to endure too finishing their requirements on time and studying in spite of candle lits only.  

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