Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jobs Less for Graduates?

With countless of graduations being held nationwide here in the Philippines, the new graduates are expected to be excited, hopeful,  courageous but reluctant as well. We can't practically blame them when in fact, there are a number of old graduates who are either unemployed or jobless themselves.

The Philippine government claims that there is a decline from unemployment statistics which is supported by the Philippine Census as shown below:

Results from the January 2010 Labor Force Survey (LFS)

 Philippines      January 2010 1/ January 2009  
  Population 15 years and over (in '000)  60,208   /  58,657
  Labor Force Participation Rate (%)    64.5  /  63.3
  Employment Rate (%)            92.7  /  92.3
  Unemployment Rate (%)       7.3  /     7.7
  Underemployment Rate (%)       19.7   /  18.2

Notes: 1/ Estimates for January 2010 are preliminary and may change.
2/ Population 15 years and over is from the 2000 Census-based population projections.

But, mostly the works are transient or temporary and mainly on low - skill industries.  With El Nino hype, more agriculture employees are bound to be jobless and would rather seek other works. So, the statistics above is expected to change. 

No wonder that most graduates would opt to work abroad not only because the pay in the Philippines is meager but also the job opportunities are simply limited. 

I can only wish  that the graduates  these days are equipped with the right skills so that they can get a better employment here or abroad.


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