Saturday, March 6, 2010

Off - School Activities

Today we joined the SOCCSKSARGEN  Bloggers community in their off - town tour through a mining company in the nearby municipality. 

We were joined by other  professional - bloggers and students  - bloggers. The trip was all uphill and the roads were tremendously tricky and scary. In spite of the comfort of our vehicles, we were tossed to all sides of the car because of the rough road at quite treachery speed. 

We even have to joke around if our health and life insurances are updated. One companion was all clinging to his seatbelt and confirmed that he had none of the needed insurances. We did ask him to secure one from  health savings account  to at least make his future more secured.

We were only relieved that when we reached the community base on the peak of one mountain, we were welcomed with a tribal dance and burial site visit. 

The students were pretty amazed by the unique experience from the trip and the distinct practices of the B'laans.

This is one of the trips that I highly favored but it was way too scary too that I kept on thinking of my kid, we chose to leave at home. We headed back to our city all muscles beaten and shaken up.

We are too happy to show off some of our pictures. Forsure, our student - companions would have a lot to share to their classmates and friends.   

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