Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Parttime or Fulltime Teaching?

For those who seek to get rich through this career, then you are on the wrong track. LOL! For one, this job is one of the underpaid professions in the Philippines.   The basic rate of a masters - degree - holder professor will only range  between Php 10000.00 - 15000.00 for a 24 - unit load or 24 contact hours a week (at least).

With this meager pay, we are plagued by paper works, observations, and delinquent students. I tried giving up this job for a more interesting one, but I simply realized I am deep in love with teaching in spite of the drawbacks.

However,  so I won't get bored again, I decided to pursue the family business while I go parttime on schooling.  The decision was  only timely since we will soon be opening our boutique at the mall and shall be needing lots of boutique stuffs including POS systems  to help with the sales. 

Pursuing a career is always a personal decision. But, regardless of what we choose, it is always important that we are happy with our job otherwise everyday can be a frustrating day to start and end with. 

I still envision myself teaching in spite of age, salary and school.  Should I go parttime or fulltime? It does not really matter provided I can do both teaching and doing business.

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