Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy Days on Students

Summer  vacation has officially started for us in STI Gensan and while I encoded my grades for the subjects I was assigned with, the computer laboratory was all in chaos as lab personnel worked on reprogramming and repairing the computer units in time for summer and first semester classes.

Other schools on the other hand make use of summer off to do school office construction, renovation, repairs which including putting up new classrooms with sturdy fixtures like the tables, chairs, faucet  and good lightings among other things. 

As we hurdle the extreme weather due to El Nino, schools nationwide also anticipate the possible wrecks of rainy season come May.  I can only pity some remote or overcrowded schools where classrooms are only held under hovering trees or where students have to travel on foot for hours just to get to their  schools in spite of the weather. 

Education in the Philippines is one of the weakest and the rippling effect is only depressing. I wish with the upcoming elections, education system can be better improved and be really considered as one of the top priorities to be addressed. 

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