Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Vacation for Students and Teachers

We are now on final examination and everyone is simply looking forward to that two - month vacation. Although the vacation for some shall bear no pay, for others it still be a continuing work  with long breaks in between.

I shall personally attend to the business again and we hope to have the mall space construction soon and shall be off to see my younger sibling in Manila.  Since for most of us, we won't be receiving any compensation, we still wish living will be less  difficult these coming months.  

It will somehow help if life protections are there especially in difficult times like accidents or illness.  I heard there is instant life insurance quote  that can be checked for that much needed security blankets. 

Although life is harder because of the impact of recession, but we can only be practical and consider what can practically happen to us in the future. Thus, even if a teacher's salary is that meager, I still prioritize saving for my insurances.  I don't want to burden my loved ones just in case, I get sick or get older and cannot work anymore. I can only anticipate the future and be ready.

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