Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaching - Blogging For Me

As an IT teacher, it helps when I can find online resources and alternatives to help my students learn more.

Since I teach Java programming among freshmen students, I normally bring my notebook to class and hook it up with the school's projector. This makes the teaching easier and less distressful. But, writing programs takes time too that whenever I have sample source codes for classroom references and assessments, I normally upload the files to our Yahoo group for public viewing and download.  That way, students in - and - out from  school can check the resources to make their learning more effective and efficient.  Also, it helps when I post my lectures and sample programs on this techie blog. 

But, if I really want to make this techie blog draw more traffic so I can reach out even to other Java students not in my class, I may as well use seo tools  for efficient and effective results.   

I never really understood the concepts of SEO and they can indeed drive anyone nuts but with the right info and effective and simple guides on this powerful search strategy, my education site can be more known. 

At least, it helps that there are free resources online that I can check to get this techie blog kicking. And, my students and I can only be  happier!

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