Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Becoming Informed and Much Wiser Voter

It is 19 days now before the much – awaited national automated election will commence. I chose not to have myself relocated here in Gensan since my registration for the last election was held in Zamboanga City.
But, if I have to vote, it will be for people who I believe are morally upright and with education and experience to lead this nation hundreds of notches higher than its present state.

Unfortunately, from the last survey on the culture of Filipinos on our political leaders, conclusion says that we don’t really bother much with performance because majority is still swayed with popularity, and affiliations. Leaders are chosen not because they deserve the post but for blinded if not deceived reasons. Thus, election after election makes no difference at all in terms of making this country improved. Sadly, we keep convicted persons in positions, and we continue to vote for wrong persons.

I quite pray that voters for this election will not be swayed with advertisements, false promises or even bribery to get the bad guys stay or own office otherwise this nation will remain to face a glum future.

The thing with tenacity as a Filipino value must have its limits. I guess it is by this reason that we continue to endure our hard life because we remain hopeful that things can be better. But, mindless to say, that we can only change our future if we take a stand against the present setting and say “enough is enough, we endure no more.”

I am pessimistic all right, but leaders can’t do much unless their constituents take a proactive and participate role in nation’s reformation. This election then shall contribute less or much to how and where this country lead to.

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