Monday, April 5, 2010

Challenging Student Life

I have spent half of my life in school either studying or teaching. Thus, I am quite aware of the hurdles a student has to go through putting up projects, exams and never – ending write ups. I quite love to read all sorts of books since whenever I have the time, I would rather use it on any bound books or journals than wander around with friend. Thus, it is easier for me to write almost anything.

However, writing is a skill that is practically not common to all students. As a teacher, I have to squint my eyes just to get the gist of whatever essay or write ups my students have to submit. And, most of the time, I can only read poorly written stuffs.

Although, I go for honest works, I won’t disapprove of students who wish to seek help because for one, writing is a skill and an art, not to mention that content is entirely something else too.

There are now custom writing services that parents and students can use, especially, those who seek term paper writing service or buy custom essay to beat the deadlines.

I am quite positive that if time are only sufficient and writing skills are only honed up, students can honestly work on their own, but with so many subjects within limited time, requirements can just pile up. Thus, help can only be preferred. School is good and fun but it can be quite difficult for some. This I can guarantee.

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