Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Computer Literate Teachers to Assist on Election Day

Election day for most teachers and personnel is an opportunity for extra compensation. My kin and friends previously served the other elections and were given at least 3000.00PHP as compensation. But, the last time I talked with my college classmate who teaches now in a public school, he mentioned that the number of teachers who will serve this upcoming election is cut almost a half since the operation will be automated. High regard is given to those computer literate teachers to man the election day. I quite believe COMELEC had given them due trainings to make sure that the election process shall succeed as expected.

With the extra compensation, teachers and COMELEC aides will have enough to purchase any want or need they wish to have. If I shall have that extra salary, I shall most likely buy some flip flops, organic face cream and pamper myself in a spa center. LOL!

At least, with the automated election, the process will not be as tiring and draining as the old ones.

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