Saturday, April 24, 2010

Education Helps

With El Nino still plaguing my counrtry, Philippines, we are severely enduring its effects: drought, power shortage and heat strokes.

This has been an annual problem but the government and us simply pay a little attention on how to counter address the issues and simply chose to be passive.  We have months to prepare for El Nino but we simply rely things as they come.

So, we endure and continuously endure the wrath of nature and our ignorance. Our national news oftentimes report a number of cases of fire and cases of heat strokes. And in spite all these warnings, some of us remain less vigilant.

Funny though that we seem to be more conscious of  schedule brownouts,  celebrity gossips and lottery than other things. Don't you know that education like  energy auditor certification can help  you save money and be more attentive of health and disaster issues?

If only people are more educated, I guess much of social, environmental and domestic issues can be better prevented or corrected.

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