Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Free E-books

Now that classes are over, I can only make use of the time to surf the net and scout for e-books I may use in the future. Somehow, the list includes a good range of novels, management and business operations and programming stuffs that I can utilize for my teaching and business management.

Where to look exactly when there seems to be a number of e-book sites to work with? Somehow, blogs offer a more reliable link of where to really go to.

I normally check Scribd for practically anything that includes research works, novels and synopses for almost everything.

The thing with e-book download is to make sure that no copyright laws are broken. Even if internet laws are not openly or strictly enforced here in the Philippines, we have to however, subject ourselves to foreign policies on copyrights.

In blogging alone, I have friends whose articles were stolen and the experiences were not at all good. With the number of articles I have written over two years, I could not recall every post I made but it will be an irritating experience if I shall see my work copied without permission or due credit.

Thus, in as much as I love freebies, it pays to be respectful of other’s property.

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