Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gimmicks for School Buddies

In spite of summer vacation or school offs, students and their school buddies still hung out whenever they can. I am quite sure, they fill the night gimmick bars, beaches or malls just to fill their time. Some will go on nature trekking or extreme sports with their cars or bikes on Nascar jackets. Further, they will also cram around internet cafes on their network or online games and social accounts. LOL! At least, they know how to make use of their time in a relieving and recharging way. LOL!

My younger sibling however, is on out – of - town travel to our other sibling to complement house help with recreation. She has a bundle of movies on hand plus endless SMS with her school buddies and friends left behind. Pretty sure, other students are also having fun time have their vacations elsewhere.

Regardless of how students consume their summer offs, I guess this time – off shall be a good way to recharge them for another dreading semester of schooling again come June. I can’t wait to see my own students once summer is done and catch up with their summer escapades.

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