Saturday, April 24, 2010

Graduates on Job Hunt

Now that graduations are finally done, graduates from across the nation swarm job agencies and companies for that elusive dream job. But, unfortunately the number of graduates is not at all a 1:1 ratio. For every job opening, expect at least 5 other competitors. Thus, employment is only for the best and fittest that the underskilled, less educated, and without strong network connection don’t get as much chances. So, some graduates may prefer to be students than thrive with a degree but unemployed.

I only hope that the government will seriously consider all mechanisms and opportunities that will create employment for everyone and that serious evaluation and correction must be done on the quality of education systems so that regardless of school, the disparity among graduates’ skills will be negligible.

With all the problems I have cited about my country, I have only one conclusion to make, this nation is totally deep in its sickness that it requires more of a miracle for it to have a 180 degree change. Do we still have a chance? I really hope so.

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