Monday, April 5, 2010

Graduation for Us

Every school year concludes with a graduation ceremony for the seniors and for my school, STI Gensan, we will have it tomorrow. 

I have to however, prepare my academic gown for the event since all teachers are required to be there. It shall be one long afternoon and since I don't know any of the seniors, it will be a dragging day for me.

But, graduations are bittersweet  times for us teachers. It is nice to see that your students have earned their keep and that they will be ready to face the world at least, with a hopeful heart. But, graduations can be sad times too especially, if you have bonded already with the youngsters.  Most of my teaching years, I find it saddening to see my students graduate but more than this feeling is the pride that they are ready to fend off for themselves.

I just have to bring my music player and old book just in case, we wont start on time.  Congrats anyway to all graduates and their parents.

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