Saturday, April 24, 2010

Passion for Reading

I quite remember being castigated whenever  I would read novels when I was younger, so I would sneak and read while everyone else would sleep especially, my pop. I think my passion for reading can be traced as back to as early as elementary days where I would read fairy tale after fairy tale and some underworld stories.

Somehow, my way of relaxation is oftentimes described by the number of hours I consume reading. Time seems to flow faster for me when I am all engrossed in reading. I guess this is the very reason too, why my vision is strained complemented with the fact that I also spend so much time with my computer until wee hours in the morning, blogging and teaching. I had my eye glasses before but  I normally find them as a restriction rather than help. LOL!

But, with my age and unrelinquished passion, I shall be needing new updated glasses. I heard there are discount prescription glasses  that I can consider. They have to both quality and comfy for me to really love them.

I only  hope my kid would also be inclined to read. I guess with reading, your berth of knowledge can be as far as you can imagine it.

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