Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kin on Healthcare Education

With the hype of healthcare providers, the rest of my family joined the bigger crowd in this arena as they underwent months of healthcare training. They were recently employed as nursing aides and good thing too that they highly love the job not to mention that the pay is better.

However, in the recent Philippine news, the nursing graduates are down by 20% because a number is also unemployed. I would not say that jobs are sparse or something but since nursing requires higher mental skill among other things, I have to say some graduates are unemployed because they don’t meet desired qualifications fit for competitive and competent healthcare workers. This opinion can be quite alarming but this is never remote from reality.

I only hope that the education system in the Philippines will improve not only health programs but all courses and all levels since it will be pointless to have earned a diploma but not having a job at all.

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