Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning and Teaching More Easily

Learning and teaching are two different things. It is the main concern of teachers to impart their lessons so that students may learn the idea, exercise it and relate it with reality. However, since teaching is an art, it can be a gruesome experience to those who are just starting with this career. Although, being an experienced teacher does not also guarantee that learning is acquired by all students.

Studies show that there indeed different learning styles. Some students may prefer to study while music is beating loudly while others comprehend more if pictures are integrated. Thus, when a teacher imparts his lessons in a traditional way, it is not surprising, if not all students have understood everything.

Regardless of the teaching styles, teachers do give assessments through written or oral exams to evaluate the students’ learning and to solicit feedbacks from the scores acquired. Thus, these exams play an important role and must be taken seriously.

There are different forms of quizzes or assessments; these include multiple choice, matching type, true or false, short answers, essays among others. But, it has to be noted that badly written exams and directions can also affect the score performance of students who take the test. Thus, teachers must be well trained on preparing appropriate questions through appropriate assessment types.

Further, the medium by which exam is delivered plays also a significant difference in getting better scores. There are studies that had been conducted to evaluate in-class assessment against online tests, and results reveal that students who take online exams through test software do better than the traditional medium.

Students at their own pace and time can answer the online test and review the same at their own bidding. Further, it also helps the teachers in checking, making assessment reports, and re-writing them for future use. Administrators and parents too can take part in evaluating the quality of these test questions, and more importantly, the students’ and teachers’ distinct performances. All these benefits are easy to grasp for everyone. These may be achieved through traditional means but with difficulty and more resources.

Through different free or paid test software, the benefits can outweigh any software cost or resources. Best of all, any subject can use these online tests like grammar quizzes using any of the exam type.

Teaching is a difficult job but we can always use technology to make it lighter and more rewarding.

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