Monday, April 5, 2010

Learning New IT Skills

Now that classes are done, I  have nothing else to do this summer except manning the store, reading literature books, watching movies, blogging and wandering at the malls.  

Since I have two months of vacation, I simply have a lot of time on my hand. However, I wish to make use  of my time more worthwhile by learning how to make a website for our store at least. And since, I am into blogging but new to Wordpress, I wish to learn more about this.  I could not really master this site not because I'm ignorant about it but because I just never had time to learn and explore it.

And like what I have been telling my students, they should not stop from acquiring and/or upgrading their IT skills because technology is fast paced, we can only cope with it and respond to  what environment demands.    We can only be both reactive and proactive with technology and environment as a whole.

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