Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leveraging Voters through Black Propaganda

One thing that I dislike in all the elections that have had run in the Philippines is the battle of politicians over a government seat. I must say their motivation is never about salary but the power and authority that goes with the position and money seems only to follow from all sides.

Thus, instead of paying attention to their platforms, they dwell on conceiving ways how to pull other politicians down. And, mostly the playing field is among the top contenders. All sorts of communication have been used just to proliferate their agenda. And if voters are not smart at all, they can all be swayed to believe the other contender. All these schemes only depict one thing, CHARACTER is not really a significant value among these politicians. If I have to tell voters, they choose those who exhibit an exemplarary moral aptitude and service performance. Otherwise, grand educational qualifications and work experiences don’t mean a thing when leaders only value their individual interests. Regretfully, this upcoming election will pay less significance in achieving real change. This goes without saying, that this election is really up to its sensible and smart voters.

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