Monday, April 5, 2010

Meeting Students Again

It has been since two weeks now since classes are officially off and after I submitted all the requirements for clearance, I spent most of my days at our store.

One student of mine left a message at my Facebook account thanking  me of my time with them and wishing I can still be with them next school year. I found that quite sweet.  

So, when we were asked to report to school today to turn in our graded class cards to the students themselves, I was only happier to chat a little with them.

Some of them only thanked me for a passing mark although it was because of their performance that they earned the grade. However, I had to meet one failed student and after asking me to reconsider, I could only give my disapproving nod. That's the bad thing about being a teacher, failing marks are simply unavoidable for poorly performing students.

But, it was one nice day today, meeting them again until classes start in June. 

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