Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No School, No Pay

Since summer vacation is up for most of us teachers, we can’t resist the time to relax from hours of teaching, checking papers among other things. But, for probationary or new teachers ( parttime or fulltime ), who have no summer loads, we have to endure a no – pay vacation.

Although, I have my business to work with and blogging along the side, I have to ask how other teachers endure their vacation without pay. I can be optimistic when I say that they pretty have saved much for this time but for others who lack in this area, can only whine in pain.

Teaching is indeed a difficult task that I hope schools can be generous with their faculty but I quite know too that operational costs like salary can be detrimental when there are no students enrolled or when company resources are not enough to sustain the scheme. It is never surprising to note that most teachers in the Philippines dawdle in debts and remain there in a long time. Now, I believe why my old pop said that there is no money in teaching. I guess, I must consider a new job now. LOL! But, I am simply committed to teach and this must be the basic reason too while other stay in this job in spite of mediocre salary.

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