Monday, April 12, 2010

PCOS Election Machine 101

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We are now 27 days before the Philippine 2010 Election and this election shall make quite a history since it will be the first time that the election shall make use advance technology for casting and counting of votes nationwide.

Although, this has been long overdue as some politicians made use of the conventional election process to advance their personal interests, thereby, causing a number of election fraud and glitches.   But, needless to say, this technology may promise accuracy but it can't be 100% fraud - proof since cheating can still be imposed through flying voters who have multiple registration in several areas. Even the dead are still registered. So, this technology may be promising but unless COMELEC can really impose strict cheat - proof system, the technology can do little.

Further, the cheating politicians can still have their ways when voters choose to sell their votes in behalf of these low - life candidates.

We may be making history but this can be pointless if we keep on becoming ignorant  and passive voters.  

But, I will remain hopeful,  this PCOS machine can speed up the counting and shall bring results faster than the old ways. Voters would just have to prepare their outlines for easy selection and follow instruction as to how to fill in the spaces for their choices otherwise their votes will not be counted.

The PCOS machines shall be distributed to different precincts nationwide at least a week before May 10, 2010. The COMELEC has been doing their Election Education to at least  orient the voters how to do the voting come election day.

To read more of the guides and  ways to avoid  possible problems, read this article.

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