Saturday, April 24, 2010

Personally Driving to School

Since I got my driver’s license, I have been meaning to use my motorbike to bringing it to anywhere I want to go including my school. However, since I learned to drive only very recently, my road fear always overcomes my liking. Sigh!

I guess I am just afraid to hit and be hit. LOL! Although, I am all covered up with insurance, I just don’t want to take the risk. It really pays if insurances are there to cover your life and your property. I am pretty sure there is a free auto insurance quote that anyone can use and check for benefits and policy coverage.

I still prefer though, to use a four – wheel vehicle than the motorbike. Problem is, I always find our Lite Ace family van too long to be driven. Tsk!Tsk! Tsk! I think, I know what my problem is, I am simply afraid to hit the road before a steering wheel. I am really beyond redemption.

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