Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pleasures/Distresses of Being a Student

I quite remember well that I used to make use of summer vacation for summer classes even though these subjects were not really compelled. I simply opted to use the time on subjects that could be more dragging and boring when they were to be taken during semester schedules. These meant my endurance would only be curbed for a short time. LOL! But, apart from this reason, I used the summer classes not to be at home for most of the time plus the allowances that went with schooling! I guess my schooling then, was not at all distinct from other students. LOL!

When you are a teenager, the time seems better spent with friends on gimmicks or something more productive than being spent at home with your folks or siblings. You can also be adventurous with practically anything. Being young seems to give an excuse for anything. Yikes!

But, once you age, to be reckless and stupid seem to be unforgivable when you are perceived to be wiser and all although this is not always the case for other adults.

I guess in spite of old age or not, it is reenergizing to act and feel young altogether. LOL! I simply miss the old days.

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