Saturday, April 10, 2010

Politics Among the Filipino Youth

Decades ago, the youth seemed to be seen us irresponsible, immature and imbecile. Forgive me but when you are younger, the adult seems to act, feel and think, not really in that order, that the young ones have nothing to contribute.

But, just like the contention of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, "the youth is the future of this nature," I can only agree but with environment, technology, education among other things, the youth seemed to prove an important role in shaping the direction of politics and this nation as a whole. It is a global knowledge that my country is way popular  in creative corruption and I have been telling it among students that it will take more than one person to shape this country around and really be concerned with real issues that this country will again rise above its present realm.

This upcoming election may or may not spell any significant difference unless we really both for leaders who are chosen for their platforms and track records. However, even experts say our society is divided by ignorance and haughtiness that we seem to remember and place people on public service based solely on their charm, political families, wealth and guns to name a few.

It may be still be a long run for this country until it can really see light and hope to see change take its toll but the young ones who are now more participative and knowledgeable can contribute to shaping this ill and traditional politics around.

It is only my  longing that every one will  be wiser in choosing their leaders otherwise the history shall only have its replay and we remain in sentiments  of pressing poverty and  helplessness. It is only when people power really takes it lead that election shall be the turning point for every Filipino.

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