Monday, April 12, 2010

School Vacation!!!!

My youngest sibling just left yesterday to join our other sibling in Manila for more than a month's stay. She was quite excited to have her vacation although she was also hesitant since she will be missing us and of course, her friends.

But, my pop will also leave and we will follow next month. We are pretty excited to join my sister especially during her birthday in May. She did ask us if we can join her in Puerto Galera and we simply look forward to that. Since, almost everyone else will be leaving for a vacation, we will be needing travel bags. I wish to buy  Kipling    travel bag to replace my hiker's bag to fit in all that I should bring with me.

For now, the hiker's back pack will do and I  can scout for my kid's bag for his stuffs. We have to travel light to make the trip less inconvenient considering I have my kid with me to tag along.

It is always fun to have a vacation with loved ones. Happy vacation dear students and teachers!

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