Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Student – Teacher Relationship, Romantically Viable?

It is against ethics of professional teachers to involve ourselves to any romantic or sexual relationship with students when the latter supposed to consider us their second parents while they are away from home, literally or not.

But, it is quite a reality too that some teachers do get involved with their students when the young ones are on their sweetest and cajoling moods. Although, I have my own fair share of being flirted with, it is simply a no-no for me to even start a romantic relationship at least. Geez!!!! Although, when I was younger, this idea seemed ok. LOL!

So, I pretty not blame if students for teachers (when they do their hero worship, flirts or not) or vice versa. I can only see who favors who during occasions when students and teachers give one another gifts like flowers, stuffed toys, wholesale diamonds, bags or clothing. School is only small place with limited options for any chance of next – level relationship.

But, what is more hideous is the fact that sexual harassment is taking its toll too when teachers use their authority on grades to abuse the young ones. These kind of professors should not lurk behind teachers’ tables and pretend that they are God or something to demand anything. I guess they can all go to hell and screw their guts!!!! LOL!

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