Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer Courses for Young Ones!

Since regular classes are done, kids simply have two months to enjoy the vacation and just have long fun with loved ones and friends. But, I quite believe that time can be worthwhile by consuming it on activities that can promote upgraded or new skills.

I wish to improve my programming skills in Java and PHP but I simply have too limited time on my hand as I juggle store management, blogging and family affairs.

There are schools that offer short courses and programs on cooking, music, swimming, physical sports and alike where those who have free time can willingly enroll themselves. I wish to learn cosmetology and baking for me to at least, maximize these skills once I expand the family business. These and other equipment like hand dryers shall be among the basic necessities that I will soon acquire. My kid and nephew at home will be soon enrolled in swimming once I get the registration details.

We can always choose to be idle or productive. In my case, I just prefer the former option.

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