Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Young Teachers vs the Seasoned Ones

There is really no finite definition of time when a teacher is considered young or seasoned. I have been teaching for almost 12 years, so I guess, I belong to the old buffs. LOL!

But, it is never relative that only the seasoned ones get the passion and wits for teaching and this is also true for the young ones. I guess, this goes to say that motivations and experience play  major criteria before a teacher can really be said young or seasoned. Of course, after years of teaching, a teacher may have mastered the craft but it does not follow if the students have indeed learned from them or enjoyed their teaching styles. I know academics is supposed to be dead serious but I quite believe too that learning can be self – motivating once teachers are really that good and this does not come with age at all.

Teaching is pretty tough that one can see more aging lines or wrinkles on teachers than most professionals. Geez!!!! I can already see the scary aging lines on my face. How I wish I have aging creams like anti wrinkle eye cream to at least hide the aging flaws.

Teaching is for everyone but not all teachers share the same level or extent of commitment. Only the students and other stakeholders can judge.

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