Thursday, May 27, 2010

8 out 10 High School Graduates Can't Proceed to College

In a national report, I am once again disappointed of my nation's pressing dilemmas. Although the government has education the highest priority for budget, the issues around dropouts due to financial constraints can highly speak of expensive education in the nation but with poor economic living.

Aside from the fact that quality of education is another issue, majority of students cannot proceed to higher education because they cant afford their daily schooling allowances and tuition that in spite of almost free education, elementary and high students simply drop out from school. Thus,  crime and poverty rates increase.

This is indeed a vicious:  no diploma for a job, no work, no money, thus, they find illegal means to survive.  I hope that the government will truly find means to offer employment opportunities for the parents, cut living taxes, and improve the quality of education, so, graduates find better jobs.

My country is really in deep trouble and only my fellowmen are suffering.

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